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How to Declutter Your Retirement Savings

It is likely that you may work for a series of employers over the course of your career. Decluttering your retirement savings accounts can help you to cut fees and keep better track of your asset allocation. Bottom line – greater growth.

Yield Curve Inversion & Recessions

As far as recession indicators go, the inversion of the yield curve (when the 2 year treasury rate rises above the 10 year rate) is probably one of the most frequently cited. There’s a good reason for this: it has accurately predicted recessions dating back to before 1980 (minus a few false alarms).

Retirement Planning and What Women Do Right

The good news is that that women are doing so many things right when it comes to retirement planning, and as you will read in this article by getting involved early in their finances, they can potentially offset some of those challenges and set themselves up for a more successful savings outcome.

What it Takes to Live to 100

Here are some interesting facts about people who live to be centenarians. You may be surprised by the level of calories they consume on a daily basis, as well as whether having longevity in your family increases the odds that you will live a long life.

Why Do People Work?

As you start to consider retirement, it is important to give some additional thought to your reasons for working. This short video speaks to the many reasons people work.

Fed “Collar”

Julia Coronado and Eric Freedman in the video excerpt below see slowing growth ahead for the U.S. economy, leading to a more cautious and balanced investment outlook ahead.