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Advice for New Grads

How have employer expectations for entry level jobs changed in the last 10 to 15 years? Just in time for graduation season, the article below gives some great advice for those just starting out in the careers (in case you are attending a party or two).

Will the Fed Cut Rates in 2019?

The stock market rally to start this year was built on the Federal Reserve abandoning its plans to continue raising interest rates. The stock market rally in the last month or so may be built on something else: the idea that the Federal Reserve will actually lower interest rates.

Why College Towns Can Be a Good Fit for Retirees

As many of you consider retirement, you may find that downsizing to a smaller home and/or relocating to another state may be the change that you need to kick start your new life in retirement. Many retirees are finding some unexpected advantages in college towns.

No Profits? No Problem!

According to the WSJ, fewer than 20% of technology companies recently going public are profitable, the lowest level since the dot-com bubble in the early 2000’s.

Inspiring Others to Retire Well

CBS news reports on stories that are inspiring and lift you up. This episode highlights a 96-year old woman that is tearing up the dance floor at a family wedding. You may think she has good genes; whereas, I suspect she must have had a good retirement plan!

Where Do We Go From Here?

Optimism is clearly priced into the markets, with U.S. stocks up nearly 17% year-to-date. The question is where do we go from here?