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What it Takes to Live to 100

Here are some interesting facts about people who live to be centenarians. You may be surprised by the level of calories they consume on a daily basis, as well as whether having longevity in your family increases the odds that you will live a long life.

Killing Time

How many times have you caught yourself saying – “if I just had more time?” The good news is that all of us are allotted the same amount of time per day. How we use it is another matter.

How Well Are You Investing Your Time?

Tracy L. Sherwood, CFP® You don’t want to miss this brief video with some friendly banter between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates as they discuss Warren’s calendar of scheduled activities. Warren reminds us that you control your time. Time is...

Year-End Money Moves

Tracy L. Sherwood, CFP® There's still time to make 2018 a little more lucrative. Rather than starting 2019 with another financial resolution, Sharon Epperson's host of CNBC Digital video series, "Retire Well" and "Your Money, Your...

What’s Your Financial Planning Sign?

Anthony Ogorek, CFP®, Ed Zodiac signs can be a fun way of finding out more about ourselves. This infographic takes a look at what your astrological sign can tell you about your financial and emotional tendencies. Take a moment to see...