Tracy L. Sherwood, CFP®

Each year, over one hundred CEOs retire from the S&P 1000. With all of the succession planning that takes place at these companies, one piece is almost always missing: preparing the current CEO for the next phase in his or her career. You may be surprised to learn that 62 is the average age that CEOs step down; and while few have to work for a living, almost all want to work and they do.

A look at the post-CEO careers of 50 Chief Executives in the Fortune 500, and interviews with 13 of them, reveal that no one wants to retire to the golf course. Instead, these newly retired CEOs are acting as mentors, finding ways to give back, reconnecting with their partners, and pursuing long-held dreams. These former CEO’s life experiences and what they learned along the way can serve as a guide to retirement to hopefully make others transition smoother and more rewarding.

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