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This brief Forbes video shares A-Rod’s successful transition to retirement from his career as an American professional baseball player considered one of the greatest talents in history. You may wonder, how does a retired athlete cope when their identity is so closely tied to the notoriety and fame of being a superstar athlete? What are the secrets to his success?

Alex Rodriguez talks about his new ventures during a photoshoot at his Miami home. He didn’t hesitate focusing on those areas of his life that he finds rewarding and engaging; spending time as a full-time dad, and running A-Rod Corp. In fact, he finds that he is working twice as hard now that he is retired. He continues to live his life with purpose, and feels this is the happiest he has been.

How satisfied are you with your life? What can you do in the next phase of your life to ensure you are happier? Are you using your money in ways that improve your life?

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