Tracy L. Sherwood, CFP®

You don’t want to miss this brief video with some friendly banter between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates as they discuss Warren’s calendar of scheduled activities. Warren reminds us that you control your time. Time is the most precious thing you can have so you better be careful with it. Every day we all have 24 hours of time. How can you invest yours more wisely?

We live in an age when time is increasingly short and we are trying to accomplish as much as we can. Many of us recognize the difficulties balancing the demands of our family and work life, and are constantly trying to free up time in our schedule. Now consider a time when after decades in the workforce, you finally get complete control over how you spend your time. Time is still that precious commodity, and now that you have more of it, you don’t want to waste it. You are the only one that can spend your time, so think about what you want out of life…not how much you can get done. This is an opportunity to reveal what you truly value in life…

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