There were three articles that appeared in the WSJ over the weekend on “retirement living.”  The first of the three highlights the fact that many people choose to continue to work through their retirement years. ‘The Trick Is to Look Like You’re Retired’ is really about an encore career and a chance to do something you truly enjoy. Once you are in your element and love what you do, you don’t view it as work anymore.

When Those Golden Years Can’t Wait really speaks to those business owners and entrepreneurs that go through a liquidity event in their business and suddenly have the money and freedom to retire early. While many long for additional time to spend with family and traveling, identity can take hard knock in retirement. You have to replace work with other meaningful activities, such as volunteer work, and cherished hobbies.

Lastly an article that touches on the relationship benefits that couples may realize in their retirement years; It Took Two Retirement Carpenters To Build a Home.

Retirement is a reset, a renewal. When faced with an opportunity to embark on something new I’ve always felt a certain amount of enthusiasm, excitement and a feeling that there were so many options. Think about the time you were starting undergraduate college, your master’s program, starting your career or your business. Now if you fully understand retirement, you have yet another opportunity to spin life’s wheel again and get involved or spend time doing those things that interest you. You finally have the resources to retire. Now it’s time invest in yourself and realize a greater return on life!

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