Do you have a retirement mentor?  This podcast highlights how beneficial it is to lean on others for help as you transition to retirement. You may know of a friend or family member that you feel has retired well. What are those characteristics of retiring well, and what are some of the challenges that they faced? Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, and an advisor as well as your peers can offer some valuable insight based on their experiences. How do I navigate social security? When is open enrollment for heath care and how do I decide which company or plan to go with?

Finances, longevity, and a sense of purpose are a few of the concerns that we address with our clients to educate them and help alleviate and deal with some of these challenges. By guiding them through our retirement coaching process, and assisting them with many of these decisions, we are able to offer our clients a service that is invaluable to them during this phase of their lives.

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